I will help you in this tutorial how to create a header using Blocksy Pro Theme. There are 3 rows in header, One is main row, Second is top row and third is bottom row. We can make any of these parts sticky for the header. The main row, top row where you can change the logo and Colors when we scroll on the website homepage and other pages. We can give our header some offset. Change the style as well.

We will also optimize our header for all devices like Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets. You can also create specific headers for specific pages in your website with the help of Blocksy Pro Theme.

In this Tutorial I have shown you how to create an advanced menu like this where we can add icons, badges and add content blocks that are created with a page builder.

Then we will configure our blog posts pages and add a sidebar. We can also add widgets and assign specific sidebars for specific pages or categories as well.

When you have a shop on your website where I have shown you how you can increase your sales with all the extra WooCommerce features that come with Blocksy Pro Theme.

We will create an amazing footer with the help of Blocksy Pro Theme and also here we can assign specific footers to specific pages as well.

We also talk about using custom font’s and fonts from your Adobe Typekit Subscription you need to watch the tutorial.

With the Blocksy Pro theme we have used codesnippers for any page in the website and I will dive deeper into Content Blocks, also known as hooks that enables us to place content on any place in the website to enhance the capability of the website. The main thing is that with the help of Blocksy Pro theme we can show or hide that content based on some settings, like when people visit the website and if they are logged in or not this is very easy for users who wants to understand the things related to website.

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