How to Change Page Background in Wix

In Wix, We have option to change the Page Background.

Let’s Discuss in Step by Step.

How to Change Page Background in Wix

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Step 1: First Login into the Wix Dashboard

Wix Website

Step 2: After login , Select the Website and Open the Editor

Select Site wix website

Step 3: After Open the Editor, You can see the White Background of the Page.

Here you can see how to change the White Background of the Page.

Wix website

Step 4: Move the Cursor to left side of the Wix Elements and click on the ” Site Design “.

Now click on the ” Site Design ” Tab and choose the ” Page Background “.

Site Design

Step 5: After Clicking on the Site Design and Choose the ” Page Background “, You can see 3 Options in Wix Editor

Click on Page Background

After Clicking on the Page background you can see the 3 options.

  • Add Color
  • Add an Image
  • Add Video
three options to change background in Wix

Step 6: Let’s choose the 1st Option: Add Color.

Let me click on the “ Color ” and Choose the Color like ” Light Orange “.

Here you can see after selecting the ” Light Orange ” color. My Page Background color is changed from ” White ” into ” Light Orange Color “.

Color change to orange

Step 6: Let’s choose the 2nd Option: Add an Image.

And an image

Let me click on the “ Image ” and it opens a new popup Window to select an image to upload from your computer / laptop, if you have uploaded an image into the ” Site Files ” then you can select it from here.

Note: All the files like Image, Video, PDF, etc… which you upload, you can have access on ” Site Files “.

Upload image or video in Wix

But Now I can select an image ” Media From Wix ” and let me search by typing like Dentist.

And Here you can see the options of all the images related to the “Dentist“.

Let me select this one image, it looks good for me and click on the right bottom button ” Change Background “.

Now here you can see the Page Background is changed into an image.

You will get confused why image is too big, becuase we are seeing 50% image of the window.

Let me show you how to make it 100%. You need to click on the Top Right Corner and Click on the icon ” + 50% ” and then it shows full 100% Window and now you can see the full image as well.

Step 7: Let’s choose the 3rd Option: Add Video.

Let me help you how to add video on Page Background in Wix Editor

You need to repeat the above steps how to upload an image or video.

add Video wix

You need to click on the Video and upload a video from your computer, but I will upload from ” Media from Wix“. Let me type ” office ” on Search bar & choose a video of “Office“.

Wix office

Let me choose the 3rd Video and click on the bottom right button ” Change Background “.

Here you can see Page Background Video is Set.

Note: You will not see the video running in the Wix Editor Mode, You need to see the video after Publish the website or in Preview Mode.

Now I have published the website and after publish I click on the ” View Site “.

Now here you can see on the New Tab Window, Video Page Background is running.

Please read the whole article carefully. I have explained in detail.

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